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You’ve Got Mail print

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“You’ve Got Mail” Limited Edition Print
Debbie Cannatella

Here’s a bright, whimsical vision of life on the Gulf Coast. Boats in the harbor, reflecting off the harbor. A youth sits on his bike next to a waterside bench, checking his phone for messages. Meanwhile, a “local” peeks over his shoulder to read.

The work is called “You’ve Got Mail,” and you can have it for your own, with a high bid on this limited edition giclee (zhee-cly) print. Donated by award-winning artist and teacher Debbie Cannatella, it is valued at seven hundred and twenty-five dollars.

A giclee (zhee-cly) print is high quality digital printmaking, using archival-quality ink. This print of the original watercolor “You’ve Got Mail” is number thirteen of one hundred and fifty produced. This work shows what this artist is known for—shadow play, explosion of colors and dramatic effects.

This item measures thirty and a half inches by thirty-two inches. It is not exchangeable.

Bring “You’ve Got Mail” to rest on your walls. Thanks to artist Debbie Cannatella for this item–it’s valued at seven hundred and twenty-five dollars.

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