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TV Major Donors

As a KEDT-TV Major Donor you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your philanthropy ensures the future of public broadcasting in South Texas – now more than ever a valued source of information and entertainment.

as of 1-9-17

Patron Supporters
Roger Bateman
Julian’s B B Q
Madlyn and Anthony Constant
Lulana Cain and Steve Green
CC Distributors
James and Annette Cottingham
George and Phyllis Finley
MaryLynee Gilletti in Memory of V. Grant Anderson
Bill Huie
Scotty’s Lock & Key
Laurie and Phil Plant
Kimberly and Steven Stockseth in memory of Ruth W. Wright
Svad Svadlenak
Cecelia A. Townsend

R. Bruce Abel
Bonnie and Dennis Berry
Becky and Fred Brackett
Dr. Thomas DeNapoli and Mr. Mark Walker
Patricia M. Eisenhauer
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Jackson
Patrick and Allyson Larkin
Carroll P. Matthews
Earl and Lonnie Matthew
Pat and Trudi Morris
William P. Riddick
John Shreves
Joan M. Snyder
Colin and Judy Sykes
Karen and Steven Tallant
Kent and Veerle Ullberg