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Farmer for a Day
Four String Farm

Tired of city living? Want to see what life in the country is all about? Or maybe you’re a budding city farmer, with your own garden in progress?

This next item is a unique one that’s part scenic, part educational and all memorable. Four String Farm in Rockport invite you and four friends to be Farmers for a Day, with a high bid on this item, valued at one thousand, two hundred dollars.

If you listen to KEDT-FM or KVRT-FM, you know the program Your Wholesome Heritage Garden, hosted by Justin Butts. Four String Farm is Justin and his wife Kayla’s farm. They’ll take your party of five for a tour of the farm, teaching the planting techniques passed down from Native Americans and pioneers.

Your group also will pick produce, tend to the animals, gather eggs and enjoy a gourmet farm lunch—featuring the bounty of your harvest, with a main course of chicken, beef or pork from the farm.

At the end of the visit, Kayla and Justin will pack a selection of produce and eggs for you to takehome.

This package is subject to a mutually agreeable date and weather. It expires May 1, 2015.

Be a Farmer for a Day at Four String Farm, with a high bid on this package, valued at one thousand, two hundred dollars and donated by the Farm.

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