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Birth of the Blues Print

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“Birth of the Blues” Limited Edition Print
International Galleries

This colorful, attention-grabbing item will speak the loudest to serious blues fans—and rock fans too. It’s a visual interpretation of the genesis of that audio art form, in surreal detail.

The work is called “Birth of the Blues,” by Bruce Eagle, and you can have it for your own, with a high bid on this limited edition giclee print. Donated by International Galleries, it is valued at one thousand dollars.

A giclee print is high quality digital printmaking, using archival-quality ink. This print of the original airbrush and pencil “Birth of the Blues” is number one hundred and fifty-eight of five hundred produced.

This framed item measures twenty-seven inches by nineteen inches. It is not exchangeable.

Bring “Birth of the Blues” to your home or office. Thanks to International Galleries for this item–it’s valued at one thousand dollars.

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