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Angel in the Night Print

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“Angel in the Night” Limited Edition Print
International Galleries

For many, this next item conveys a sense of peace…tranquility…spirituality…serenity.

The work is called “Angel in the Night,” by Bart Forbes, and you can have it for your own, with a high bid on this limited edition giclee print. Donated by International Galleries, it is valued at one thousand dollars.

A giclee print is high quality digital printmaking, using archival-quality ink. This print of the original oil painting “Angel in the Night” is number eighty-four of one thousand produced.

This framed item measures forty-four and a half inches by twenty-nine inches. It is not exchangeable.

Bring “Angel in the Night” to your home or office. Thanks to International Galleries for this item–it’s valued at one thousand dollars.

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