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Underwriting Opportunities

Television – When you become a program underwriter, we offer you a visual and verbal acknowledgement around programs like PBS Newshour, Nova, Frontline, Washington Week, Nature and Antiques Roadshow. KEDT’s award-winning children’s programming includes such favorites as Sesame Street, The Cat In The Hat, and Sid The Science Kid. Along with program-specific, KEDT also offers rotating spots to reach a larger audience, an audience that is educated, affluent and influential. Spots are edited from an existing spot or created by KEDT’s professional producers at no additional charge. You may select any program at any time and any day of the week.

Radio – Underwriting messages serve to identify corporate supporters. Delivered live, these announcements include a 15 second message naming your business along with a brief description. These messages range in rates from the prime drive times on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered to our popular weekend programs, to packages that are very affordable in classical music programs. KEDT/KVRT covers a large area of South Texas and our listeners are among the most educated and affluent in the communities.

Radio and television underwriting sponsors receive their company name and a link to their website on the KEDT website.
For sponsorship opportunities call Steve Hindman at 361.855.2213

Events Sponsorship Opportunities
KEDT has three fundraising events every year, the Food & Wine Classic, the Classic Brew, and the live televised auction. By sponsoring the Food & Wine Classic, and the Classic Brew, your company receives recognition in print, radio, and television along with tickets to the event. By donating an item to the auction or being a sponsor of the auction, your company receives extensive television exposure.

KEDT-FM Food & Wine Classic – January 24, 2013
Held at the Museum Of Science and History, this event is in its 25th year. Guests sample
a vast array of domestic and imported fine wines from a complimentary Food & Wine Classic commemorative wineglass while tasting the culinary creations from many of the area’s finest restaurants.
For sponsorship opportunities call Steve Hindman at 361.855.2213

KEDT-TV Classic Brew – October 4, 2012
It’s an international beer tasting held at the Museum Of Science and History featuring a vast variety of micro-brews for guests to sample from commemorative pilsner glasses while enjoying the best cuisine from the area’s finest restaurants. Guests can also participate in the silent auction, which offers exciting collectable merchandise and one of kind items.
For sponsorship opportunities call Steve Hindman at 361.855.2213

KEDT Live Televised Auction – May 4 through May 11, 2013
The TV Auction is the premier fund-raising event for KEDT. This eight-day live televised auction is in its 40th year. Viewers bid on a myriad of items, from vacations, hunting trips, and fine dining to tool, lawn and garden items, furniture, jewelry, luggage, office equipment, and much more! Over 187,000 households in our 15 county South Texas viewing area watch the auction. Sponsorships range from $150 to $5,000. Donations range from $60 to $5,000 plus. By being an auction sponsor, or by donating an item to be auctioned off, your company receives media exposure ranging from your company’s name shown on air and a verbal reading of your company name by an auctioneer, to a 45 second video presentation with narration about your company aired frequently during auction week.
For sponsorship opportunities call Steve Hindman at 361.855.2213

KEDT-TV’s “Challenge!” Academic Tournament
Challenge! is the second most watched show on KEDT. Teams from 24 South Texas high schools compete in the academic quiz show hosted by Eric Boyd. 24 high schools begin in the competition in a single elimination tournament until there is only one team remaining. The top two teams and all competitors in the All-Star game receive scholarship money. Challenge! is produced by KEDT. The show encourages learning in a fun way and showcases the value of education. Challenge! not only raises the level of ambition for academics, it also gives recognition to the academic achievements of South Texas students.
By participating as a Lead, Bracket or Video Question Sponsor, your company receives on-screen credit and is recognized in television and radio promotional spots. Sponsors are also listed in print and press promotional collateral. Sponsorship range from $6,000 to $25,000.
For sponsorship opportunities call Steve Hindman at 361.855.2213

Membership Drive Grants
During KEDT’s television and radio membership drives, “Challenge Grants” are a great way to give your company on-air exposure and show your support for KEDT at the same time. Your Challenge Grant is presented as a dollar for dollar match that motivates the listeners and viewers to get involved by calling in their pledge and help reach your company’s Challenge Grant. Challenge Grants start at $500.

By including KEDT in your marketing mix, you send a message of quality to a broad audience, an audience that will be more likely to choose you. When you create an association with one of the most trusted institutions in this country, PBS, you promote an image of stability and honesty.

For sponsorship opportunities call Steve Hindman at 361.855.2213

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