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Ultimate Hair Color Maintenance

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atelier salon
Ultimate Hair Color Maintenance
Atelier Salon

Someone’s hair care for the next year is going to get easier, with a high bid on this next item.

If you or someone you love has their hair colored or highlighted, this package from Atelier Salon offers you hair coloring professionals for a year. The Ultimate Hair Color Maintenance Package is valued at one thousand dollars.

This package provides eight color/highlight visits through December 31, 2015, with a level one through three stylist. That equals a visit every six to seven weeks, to take care of all your hair coloring needs.

This offer also includes a blow out, so you leave the salon with the look you want. This offer is not exchangeable.

Ease your hair care worries for a full year. Consider a bid on this Ultimate Hair Color Maintenance Package from Atelier Salon, valued at one thousand dollars.

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