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Remaining June 2018– TV Programming Highlights and July Highlights

June 21 @ 8:30pm – Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria
Using never before seen archival footage and first-person testimonies, “Trezoros” chronicles the compelling and little-known history of Greece’s 2200 year old Jewish culture. Culminating in events during WWII that ultimately led to its destruction, this feature documentary takes us to a time and place now gone forever. With interviews filmed on location in Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Athens, Tzur Moshe, Tel Aviv, Miami, Los Angeles and New York, “Trezoros” (Ladino/Judeo-Spanish term of endearment meaning ‘Treasures’) is a poignant and powerful story.

June 22 @ 8pm – The Great British Baking Show Season 5 (series)
Join original hosts Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in a season never before seen in the U.S. With 30 new challenges, each episode tests the 12 bakers’ prowess, creativity and skill in a bid to find the UK’s best amateur baker.

June 24 @ 8pm – Endeavour on Masterpiece
Past and present collide in Oxford as the auction of a priceless Faberge Egg gets underway at Lonsdale College, inciting a burglary attempt. Then, Morse and Thursday search for a serial killer. Morse struggles to mentor a young detective constable.

June 27 @ 8pm – NOVA: Rise of the Superstorms
During the 2017 hurricane season, the US receives a record three Category 4 hurricane landfalls with Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Harvey, with its record-breaking rainfall and flooding, is the second-most costly storm in US history, with an estimated $125 billion of damage done. Irma broke records with prolonged intensity, causing communities to rethink just how vulnerable we are to hurricanes, due to sea level rise. And Maria’s rapid intensification and sheer strength leaves us facing the reality of a new era of climate refugees. Can scientists determine whether these monster storms are a harbinger ofmore powerful hurricanes to come? With the next hurricane season just around the
corner, are we prepared for the damage that might ensue given warming global waters? Houston, Jacksonville, Florida’s Keys, Puerto Rico and many of the islands in the Caribbean are changed forever.

June 28 @ 8pm – Ride
Do you remember your first carousel ride? Wendy Kirbey does, and when her hometown needed an economic boost she had an idea: build a carousel, from scratch, using old world craftsmanship. See how this idea transforms the community when a group of dedicated volunteers come together to design, hand carve and paint all of the animals needed to complete what many believe will be one of the most beautiful carousels ever created.

July 2018– TV Programming Highlights

July 1 @ 9:30pm, encore Thursdays @ 9pm – The Tunnel: Vengeance (series)
Elise and Karl take on a toxic and terrifying duo whose defining quality is an existential death wish. When the question posed by the couple — what is a life worth — is directed at Karl, he’s forced to confront an utterly impossible choice.

July 4 @ 7pm, encore @ 8:30pm – A Capitol Fourth 2018
A CAPITOL FOURTH, America’s national Independence Day celebration, kicks off our country’s 242nd birthday with an all-star musical extravaganza broadcast live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. With 20 cameras positioned around the city, viewers are front and center for the greatest display of fireworks anywhere in the nation.
July 5 @ 8pm – Penny & Red: the Life of Secretariat’s Owner
From her parents’ climb out of poverty to her emergence as the ‘First Lady of Thoroughbred Racing,’ Penny Chenery’s life was fueled by the love of horses. Penny’s unstinting reflection on her life of caged ambition, suddenly liberated by and forever paired with the great racehorse Secretariat, also exemplifies the rise and sacrifices of women of her generation.

July 6 @ 9pm – Food Flirts (series)
Meet the Brass sisters, two passionate food explorers on a mission to tackle their culinary bucket list. The women “flirt” their way into chefs’ kitchens to uncover unique ethnic delights, then head home to create tantalizing cross-cultural mash-ups.

July 10 @ 7pm – 10 Streets that Changed America
Discover how streets have connected the nation, divided communities, and changed the way Americans live, work, and shop. Trace Broadway’s 400-year evolution: from Native American trail to Dutch trading route to the home of America’s first public transit service and an electrically-lighted theater district known as the “Great White Way.”

July 10 @ 8pm – No Passport Required (series)
Hosted by renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, NO PASSPORT REQUIRED is a new six-part series that takes viewers on an inspiring journey across the U.S. to explore and celebrate the wide-ranging diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisine woven into American food and culture. Each week Marcus — an immigrant himself — visits a new city to discover the dynamic and creative ways a particular community has made its mark.
July 10 @ 9pm – Frontline: Trump’s Takeover
Go inside President Trump’s high-stakes battle for control of the Republican Party. How Trump attacked fellow Republicans and used inflammatory rhetoric that rallied his base and further divided the country in his first year as president.

July 11 @ 7pm – Earth’s Nature Wonders (series)
Earth’s natural wonders are parts of the natural world that nature has carved on such a scale that they defy belief. For human beings, survival within these extraordinary places can pose great challenges. Yet human ingenuity makes this possible.

July 17 @ 7pm – 10 Monuments that Changed America
A whirlwind tour of 10 monuments that mark key moments in American history: from the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore, to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and the AIDS Quilt.

July 19 @ 8pm – America Reframed: Through the Repellent Fence
Through the Repellent Fence follows the creation of a two-mile long ephemeral art installation by three Native American artists: Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, and Kade L. Twist collectively known as “Postcommodity.” The film documents their collaboration as they construct “Repellent Fence,” a metaphorical “stitching” together the United States and Mexico. Their work puts “land art in a tribal context,” to illuminate a shared Indigenous world-view and the legacy that connects the original people to their land.

July 23 @ 8pm – Ted Williams: American Masters
Discover the many sides of baseball great Ted Williams, including his complex relationships with his family, press and fans and his feelings about his Mexican-American background. Features Bob Costas, Wade Boggs, Roger Angell and Joey Votto.

July 23 @ 9pm – Lew Wallace: Shiloh Solider Ben-Hur Bard
Wallace played a leading role in America’s military, political, diplomatic, and literary affairs during the 19th century. After successfully fighting Confederate forces at Fort Donelson, Wallace became the youngest Major General in the Union Army. He led a command during the Battle of Shiloh — a Union victory, but one that would find Wallace embroiled in a controversy over his actions during battle that would haunt him for the remainder of his life. In September 1876, a chance encounter with controversial agnostic and orator Robert Ingersoll on a train ride led Wallace on a new path that changed his life forever: it inspired him to write the historical adventure Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, one of the best-selling novels of the century.

July 24 @ 7pm – 10 Modern Marvels That Changed America
A whirlwind tour of 10 engineering feats that made our civilization possible: from the Erie Canal and Eads Bridge, to the Holland Tunnel and Hoover Dam.

July 26 @ 8pm – Iconic Vision: John Parkinson, Architect of Los Angeles
Iconic Vision tells the story John Parkinson, the architect who created many of Los Angeles’ most iconic structures, including City Hall, The Coliseum, Union Station and Bullocks Wilshire among many others. The son of an English mill worker, he arrived in North America in 1883 with a toolbox and $5. When he died in 1935, he had inspired over $100,000,000 in construction projects in L.A. alone.

July 31 @ 7pm – 10 Homes That Changed America
Visit homes that transformed residential living, from grand estates like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater to the pueblos of Taos, New Mexico, and the tenements of 19th-century New York.

July 31 @ 9pm – Frontline: An American Family Escaping ISIS
The story of an American woman who survived two years in ISIS-controlled Raqqa with her children. See how they ultimately escaped as ISIS was defeated in the city and wound up in legal limbo in a Kurdish detention camp.

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