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August 2016– TV Programming Highlights

August 23 @ 7pm – A Salute to Vienna
Celebrate the musical heritage of Vienna in this lavish music and dance gala concert from the historic Konzerthaus in Vienna, Austria. Hosted by world-famous mezzo soprano Frederica von Stade and Academy Award-winning actor and Vienna native Maximilian Schell, special guests include The Vienna Boys’ Choir, Russell Watson, dancers from the Association of the Vienna State Opera Ballet, the Symphony Orchestra of the Volksoper Vienna and an international cast of top singing stars.

August 24 @ 8:30pm – Birds of South Texas
Since the beginning, birds have elevated our eyes to the skies. They mesmerize us with their flight and enchant us with their songs. Their sheer beauty enthralls us. They soar and sing and fill us with wonder and bring joy to our lives. Life without birds would be desolate. South Texas is the top spot in the nation to see birds with more than 500 species occurring. Rio Grande Documentary filmmaker Richard Moore recently completed this program featuring the myriad birds of South Texas. He will join KEDT for the films broadcast and a studio discussion.

August 25 @ 7pm – Mannheim Steamroller 30/40
Celebrate 30 years of musical holiday magic and 40 years of groundbreaking “Fresh Aire” compositions with this milestone special from the American group known for blending classical music and rock. Includes interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

    KEDT Members will have an opportunity to get tickets to an upcoming local performance of Mannheim Steamroller when they pledge.

August 28 @ 7pm – I Miss Downton Abbey
Revisit treasured moments from the unforgettable series, including new behind-the-scenes clips and interview footage. Celebrate the stellar cast, the superb writing and the spectacular locations of the most successful British drama ever. Allen Leech (Branson) hosts.

August 29 @ 7pm – The Land with Jerry Apps
Join the author and historian for a walk in the woods, as he passes along lessons gleaned from listening to the land. With wit and wisdom inherited from his father on their Midwestern farm, Apps recalls stories that unite the generations.

August 31 @ 7pm – My Music: Favorite Love Songs
Join Emmy-winning actress Susan Lucci for this all-new special devoted to sentimental favorites of the 1960s, 70s and early 80s, including classic hits from Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton-John, Chicago, Dionne Warwick, Bread and Elton John.

September 2016– TV Programming Highlights

September 2-5 @ 8pm – Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Marathon
KEDT is going to do something unprecedented. We are going to rebroadcast the entire Downton Abbey series together in one long weekend. This Labor Day weekend you can watch the show from start to finish…or pick up on your favorite episodes at different parts of the weekend. Watch all six seasons of Downton Abbey, totaling 46 episodes. Revisit treasured moments from the unforgettable series. Celebrate the stellar cast, the superb writing and the spectacular locations of the most successful British drama ever. Catch the KEDT Downton Abbey Marathon Labor Day Weekend. We begin with Season 1 Episode 1 on Friday September 2 at 8:00pm. Then we continue straight through the weekend and wrap up the marathon Monday evening September 5 at 11:00pm.

September 6 @ 7pm – 9/11 Inside the Pentagon
On September 11, 2001, Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon, killing 184 people. What happened behind the walls of the Pentagon is a largely untold chapter in history. Fifteen years later, survivors and first responders shed light on that tragic day.

September 7 @ 8pm – NOVA: 15 Years of Terror
Investigate the psychology of a terrorist and examine how radical organizations have grown to make use of modern propaganda and social media tools in order to cultivate an army of self-radicalized killers.

September 8 @ 9pm – In Our Son’s Name
Phyllis and Orlando Rodríguez’s lives shatter with the death of their son, Greg, who dies with thousands of others at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Instead of seeking revenge, the grieving couple begin a journey of reconciliation that transforms their lives. Their odyssey thrusts them reluctantly into the public eye as they speak out against war in Iraq and Afghanistan, oppose the death penalty for 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, and befriend his mother.

September 11 @ 7pm – Masterpiece: Churchill’s Secret
Michael Gambon stars as Winston Churchill in this dramatization of Churchill’s life-threatening stroke in 1953, when he was prime minister. His illness was kept secret from the world. Romola Garai plays the remarkable nurse who cared for him.

September 11 @ 9pm – Indian Summers Season 2 on Masterpiece (series)
Three years have passed since last season. Aafrin is secretly fighting for Indian independence from inside the civil service. Does Ralph suspect his disloyalty?

September 13 @ 7pm – The Contenders (series)
This series reveals the twists of fate, surprising mistakes and backchannel dealings behind the most compelling and tumultuous presidential campaigns in modern history.

September 13 @ 8pm – Frontline: A Subprime Education
Examine reports of predatory behavior and fraud in the troubled for-profit college industry and the implosion of Corinthian Colleges; also “Omarina’s Story,” how a program to stem the high school drop-out crisis has affected one girl’s journey.

September 14 @ 7pm – Forces of Nature (series)
The forces of nature make Earth a restless planet, but they also turned our ball of rock into a home for life. How did our planet’s ingredients, the chemical elements, come together and take that first crucial step from barren rock to a living world?

September 14 @ 8pm – NOVA: School of the Future
In a new age of information, rapid innovation and globalization, how can we prepare our children to compete? Discover how the new science of learning can help us reimagine the future of education for all children.

September 21 @ 9pm – India: Nature’s Wonderland (series)
Join a journey through India to discover its rich culture and rare wildlife. Experience a ritual tiger dance and see lions, elephants and India’s only ape — the hoolock gibbon. Then climb to the Himalayas where the Ganges River begins.

September 22 @ 8pm – Beyond Borders: Undocumented Mexican-Americans
Beyond Borders is an intimate character-driven documentary that takes viewers deep into the lives of Undocumented Mexican Americans living around the United States. This film also interweaves the history of Mexican immigration (the largest flow of immigrants from a single country in US history) alongside the deeply moving explanation of their lives, challenges, and aspirations as they come to terms with the sharp social contradictions being lived today by millions of undocumented (and mixed status families) of Mexican immigrants.

September 22 @ 9pm – Justice for my People: The Dr. Hector P. Garcia Story
Broadcast in recognition of the Texas state holiday in honor
of Dr. Hector P. Garcia.
JUSTICE FOR MY PEOPLE tells the story of Dr. Hector P. Garcia – Mexican Revolution refugee, medical doctor to the barrios, decorated war veteran, civil rights activist and presidential confidante – as he fought to bring attention to the Mexican-American civil rights movement. Returning to Texas after World War II, Garcia found that while Mexican-American veterans had been changed by the war, prejudiced America had not. His people faced public school segregation, squalid living conditions in labor camps and second-class citizenship.

September 25 @ 7pm – Poldark Season 2 on Masterpiece
In 18th century Cornwall, times are as tough as the rocky shoreline: unemployment, hunger, and sickness are widespread among the working class, while the wealthy landowners prosper. Only one man dares to defy the status quo, and he is behind bars.

September 26 @ 8pm – PBS Newshour Debates 2016
The first Presidential debate will be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on major topics to be selected by the moderator and announced at least one week before the debate.

September 27 @ 8pm – Encore September 29 @ 8pm – Frontline: The Choice 2016
Go behind the headlines generated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two of the most polarizing candidates in modern history, to investigate what has shaped them, where they came from, how they lead and why they want to be president.

September 30 @ 8pm – Great Performances: Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2016
Semyon Bychkov conducts the Vienna Philharmonic at Austria’s Imperial Schönbrunn Palace. The mostly French program includes works by Bizet, Poulenc, Ravel, Offenbach and Johann Strauss II. With French piano duo Katia and Marielle Labèque.