Auction Angels

Auction Angels are our event’s premier sponsors
and enjoy the highest visibility.

Auction Angels are the energy of the annual TV Auction Beach Party. These businesses underwrite and host a 3-hour segment of the Auction. The Auction Angel sponsors provide 10-12 employees to answer phones and show their wild enthusiasm for public broadcasting!

In return for the sponsorship, energy and enthusiasm provided, our Auction Angels receive:
• A signature way to showcase your community involvement
in 13 counties and 203,000 viewing households throughout
South Texas.
• A 35-45-second video spot to run once an hour during the Angel’s
three-hour commitment.
• Endless studio shots of your employees wearing your
company shirts/logos.
• Invitation to act as our on-air Auctioneer.
• A banner with your information displayed in the studio
during your segment.
• Your name on the KEDT website with a link to your corporate website.

For more information about becoming an Auction Angel,
please call KEDT at 361-855-2213.
Or email Auction Angel Sponsorships