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By supporting the station as a patron, you are making possible many of the programs we enjoy. You are in good company as a Patron of South Texas Public Broadcasting's programming, special events, educational services, and/or special projects.

2015 FM PATRONS (as of 11-15-15)
Tony and Lynn Amos
Matt and Adair Apple
The Law Firm of Baker and Baker
Jan and David Bartlett
Miriam and John Bell
Dr. Lisa Blair and Dr. Erick Santos
Becky and Fred Brackett
The English Lady
Joann Canales
C C Distributors
Crofutt’s in Bayside
Daniel Davis and Theresa Mader
Dr. James and Paige Dinn
Anne and Hugh Dobson
Charles and Gayle Doraine
Biby and John Dykema
Sally and Bill Edwards
Janice Ellington & Daniel Donnelly
Scott Elliff
Ann and David Engel
Sheri and Kurt Emerick
Dr. Mohammad and Mrs. Raniah Emran
George and Phyllis Finley
Linda and Francis Gandy
The Gay and Straight Alliance of TAMUCC
Richard Gill
David and Laura Hausman
Susan E Hutchinson
Pizza State
Naomi and Jay Kaskie
Jay and Barbara Lack
Melvin and Janey Lack
Patrick and Allyson Larkin
Janet and Larry Lee
Drs. Dan and Charlet Lindley
Dr. Ryan and Laura Loftin
Pam and Ramsey Longbotham
Earl and Lonnie Matthew
Dan and Elizabeth Matthews
Pam McDowell
Trey McCampbell and Dr. James Goral
Victoria J. McGuire
Julie and Mike McKain
Patrick, Paula and Larry McKinney
The Rev. George and Donna Munroe
In memory of Jack and Shirley Pagan
John and Charlotte Otto
Dr. Al and Kay Past
David Perry and Rene Haas
Tom Powers and Pamela Ann Meyer
Bill L Richmond
Augie and Julianna Rivera
Elena Romero
Dr. Bernard M. and Kim Seger
Nicole and Dr. Karl Serrao
Pat A Shackelford and John S. Wood
Mary K Sherwood and Ron George
Sandra Mathis Snyder
Sandy and Blair Sterba- Boatwright
The Trull Foundation
Drs. Thomas and Jennifer Turner
Kent and Veerle Ullberg
In loving memory of Will Wearden
Dr. Wendall Wheeler Wilson
Wooldridge Place Nursing Center
Robert Wooster and Catherine Cox