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Mickey Mantle Framed Autograph

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Mickey Mantle Framed Autograph
Vic Menard, Friend of KEDT

This next item isn’t just for baseball fans—it’s for anyone that wants to own a piece of history.

When lists are written of the greatest baseball players ever, there’s always space reserved for Mickey Mantle. Get an autograph of the late Yankee great with a high bid on this item, donated by Vic Menard, Friend of KEDT, and valued at one thousand, two hundred dollars.

This eye-catching framed display of The Commerce Comet features premium vintage silver suede and navy multi-dimensional matting, and a hand-stitched patch of the Yankees logo. The highlight of the display is, of course, an autographed photo of Mickey Mantle in action declared genuine by Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators.

This item measures thirteen inches by sixteen inches.

Bid now for this Framed Mickey Mantle Autograph, valued at one thousand, two hundred dollars and donated by Vic Menard, Friend of KEDT. It’s more than a gift—it’s a new family keepsake.

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