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If You Take a Mouse to School cover

Reviews by Students from Rose Shaw Special Emphasis School

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Junie B Jones cover

Reviews by Students from Saenz Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Los Encinos Elementary,

“I would not like to be like Uncle Lou and Junie. I will almost be like them because they both lost one front tooth and I am going to lose two.”

“I think it is funny because no one ever screams to 911 when their tooth comes out. The story was funny all the way to the end.”

“She (Junie B. Jones) was happy because she is the first one who looses a tooth.”

“Junie B. figured out that the tooth fairy recycles teeth. Junie B. was very excited and happy about the news.”

Sisterhood Traveling Pants cover

Reviews by Students from West Oso High School


“I liked how the book started with all four of the girls’ mothers being friends. The mothers were called the Septembers, which was pretty cool. The mothers were best friends just like the girls became best friends.”

“The reason why I dislike The Sisterhood and the Traveling Pants was because it was too long of a book. And in my opinion it was not a funny book. I prefer to read mystery books that have lots of action.”

“The book was about four girls who went into a store and found a pair of pants that they all could wear. One of the girls came up with the idea that they should make rules for the pants. The first rule was to never wash the pants. I did not like the idea that they would all use the pants and not wash them. That is a nasty thing to do. I would have washed the pants and ignored the first rule.”

“I like the book, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The reason that I liked the book was because the book had a lot of excitement.” “There was a lot of action in the book, especially on the soccer fields. Bridget was very athletic and was very good at playing soccer.”

“I really liked the book because it was too long and interesting. The story is about four girls and how they spent the summer away from each other. I like the way the girls thought the pants they bought in a thrift store were magic. They all shared the pants while they were away. Before they shipped off the pants, they wrote a letter to the next person.” “I would recommend this book to a friend because it was interesting.”

“Yes, I did like the book. I liked the book because it’s about things that go on in life. I am talking about life things such as girls and guys.”

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