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Click Now to support KEDT and receive
Access to Passport!

We’re very excited about the newest benefit
that members of KEDT receive:

With KEDT Passport you can watch more than 1,000 hours of your favorite programs on KEDT-TV

KEDT Passport provides extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming. You can watch:

  • Past episodes of Downton Abbey
  • Full seasons of Wolf Hall, Poldark, Vicious, Home Fires,
    Indian Summers and more
  • Past episodes of American Experience, Antiques Roadshow,
    Austin City Limits, Masterpiece, Nature, NOVA,
    Secrets of the Dead and more
  • Full-length independent documentaries and complete documentaries
    from Ken Burns
  • We will be adding more shows every month

You can watch KEDT Passport on your computer, phone, tablet or Apple TV.
More platforms are coming soon.

All of the video in KEDT Passport is available on-demand –
you can watch it any time you want wherever you are in the country

KEDT Passport is just one of many member benefits you’ll receive
when you support KEDT. You’ll also enjoy [BENEFITS].

KEDT Passport is available as a member benefit to everyone who contributes
a yearly contribution of $60 or more (or an ongoing contribution of $5 or more, as a sustaining member).

If you’ve ever wanted to binge-watch one of your favorite KEDT shows,
you finally have the chance to do it

Setup is a snap. When you sign up to support KEDT, we’ll give you an activation code and a link.
Just go to that link, enter the code, fill out a very short form and you’re done.

Right now, you can watch thousands of hours of KEDT programs online. With KEDT Passport,
you unlock extended on-demand access to a library of quality public television programming –
including full seasons of shows that we have never been able to offer at the same time.


Click Now to support KEDT and receive
Access to Passport!

KEDT Passport is not a thank you gift – it’s just one of the benefits you receive as a contributor to KEDT.
So you get any thank you gift that you are eligible for AND get access to KEDT Passport.

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