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Hog Hunt for Three

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Reel Rush Hog Hunt

Texas Hog Hunt for Three
Reel Rush Charters

The high bidder for this next item will participate in one of South Texas’ oldest outdoor traditions, with a little modern-day technology thrown in.

You and two friends have a chance to go on a Night Vision Hog Hunt, valued at seven hundred and fifty dollars, and courtesy of Reel Rush Charters.

This item provides all of the fun and excitement of a hog hunt, without the hassles—everything except food and drink are provided by Reel Rush Charters, based out of Bay City.

The high bidder must use this item within a year of its purchase.

Picture it—walking and stalking dark fields and pastures—only you can see what’s ahead. Call now for this Night Vision Hog Hunt for Three, provided by Reel Rush Charters and valued at seven hundred and fifty dollars.

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