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Money and Medicine Tuesday, September 25 — 7pm

Money and Medicine Tuesday, September 25 — 7pm An examination of the reasons for skyrocketing health-care costs in the U.S., as well as strategies to rein them in. One reason put forth for spiraling costs is a system that rewards health-care providers for quantity of care rather than quality of care. The documentary features remarks […]

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Tales of Masked Men –Friday, September 28 — 9pm

Tales of Masked Men Friday, September 28 — 9pm   Season 3 opens with “Tales of Masked Men,” which examines the colorful world and history of lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) through the stories of the legendary El Santo (1917-84); four-foot, five-inch Mascarita Sagrada; and classic grappler Solar watch promo video 

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Wed., September 19, 8pm NOVA

Making Stuff: Stronger Wed., September 19,   8pm Part 1 of 4 of “Making Stuff” begins with “Stronger,” a search for the world’s strongest material. The quest touches upon Kevlar, carbon nanotubes and even mollusks and toucan beaks. The installment also ponders a possible replacement for steel. Click for More Info. 

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