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March 28 @ 8pm: NOVA: Hunting the Elements

Watch Hunting the Elements on PBS. See more from NOVA. March 28 @ 8pm: NOVA: Hunting the Elements What are things made of? It’s a simple question with an astonishing answer. Fewer than 100 naturally occurring elements form the ingredients of everything in our world — from solid rocks to ethereal gases, from scorching acids […]

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Sunday, March 31 — 8pm Masterpiece Classic

Watch Mr. Selfridge: A Scene from Episode 1 on PBS. See more from Masterpiece. Mr. Selfridge The story of flamboyant Harry Gordon Selfridge (Jeremy Piven), the American founder of the lavish London department store Selfridges & Co., opens with his plans to launch the store waylaid when his business partner pulls out of the project. […]

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April 1 @ 9pm – Kind Hearted Woman

Kind Hearted Woman, a co-presentation of FRONTLINE and Independent Lens, premieres April 1st and 2nd on KEDT. This two-part series is the intimate story of Robin Charboneau’s struggle between saving her family and helping her Native American community. She negotiates single motherhood, tenuous sobriety, and a labyrinthine justice system to emerge intact after years of […]

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