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Sam Houston: American Statesman, Soldier and Pioneer

Tuesday, August 13, 7-10:30pm
Sam Houston is remembered today primarily for his activities in Texas, but in fact he was also a giant of the frontier and a dominant American political figure in the 1800s. This film is the first to document Sam Houston’s remarkable life, in which viewers will find surprising points: the teenaged runaway who fled his controlling family to live with the Indians, the earnest young civil servant almost destroyed by corrupt superiors, the rejected husband who learned too late that his wife did not love him, the alcoholic forced to choose between ruin and sobriety –very modern sounding challenges. Yet Sam Houston lived out a triumphant American story: the only person ever to govern two states, conquering general, two-term President of The Republic of Texas, U.S. House Member, U.S. Senator, and at the end a southerner banished from power and hated for his devotion to the Union. No one who learns Sam Houston’s story will ever see American History the same way again.

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